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Nashville 4D Baby offers an exceptional 4D/HD ultrasound experience of the highest quality. At Nashville 4D Baby, we believe that few things compare to the pure joy of new life coming into being. In our facility, we delight in bringing families together to witness the awe-inspiring miracle of life as it unfolds before their eyes.

Combining state-of-the-art technology with a tranquil and captivating theater ambiance, we bring to life extraordinary images of your unborn baby, promoting relaxation and bonding for you and your loved ones. From the moment you step into our studio, you'll notice the distinctive difference from other venues. Our philosophy prioritizes comfort, elegance, and a warm atmosphere, setting us apart from the traditional clinical office setting.

Our spacious ultrasound room, designed with both comfort and style in mind, features a generous 120-inch-plus screen, allowing families to share this remarkable journey together. The room comfortably accommodates up to six to eight individuals, ensuring a cozy and shared experience during this special moment.

Spanning from 8 weeks to 37 weeks, we provide a variety of ultrasound packages tailored to meet your specific needs. We are proud to offer gender determination services, available as early as 6 weeks through DNA testing or at 14 weeks via ultrasound imaging.

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Ultrasound Packages

Ultrasound Packages

We have 2D/3D/4D/HD elective ultrasouns  to meet your needs.

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Boy or Girl?

Did you know that we can now determine gender as early as 6 weeks?

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Heartbeat Animals

We can record your little one's heartbeat starting as soon as 8 weeks!

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We had our scan today and it was the greatest experience I have ever had. The tech was SO patient with our stubborn child but she was so determined and for that we are thankful. You guys have gained a lifelong customer and it was so worth the hour drive. 10/10 definitely recommend!

S. Wilkes

Hands down the best experience we have had this pregnancy. On Saturday We brought 10 family members with us and the room was big enough to accommodate us all. The ultrasound technician was fantastic! She had conversations with us and you can tell she really loves her job and truly cares. She got some great pictures of the baby and was able to tell gender fast once our baby would actually cooperate. We will definitely be back once we are farther along.

J. Edwards

The room they do the ultrasound in is so comfortable! Not only is the bed you lay on extremely comfortable, but the lights are dimmed and there's comfortable seating for family and friends. The ultrasound is projected on a large screen, so you get a great view of your little one. The ultrasound tech was extremely patient with my stubborn baby...

S. Trotter

Such a wonderful experience!! She was so awesome with our stubborn little girl. Even though our baby kept putting her hands on her face, and even had her leg thrown over her head at one point, she was super patient and got great images of our sweet girl! Will definitely recommend to everyone I know & will be back for our future kiddos!

H. Davis

We came all the way from Kentucky to see our little one. I am only 15 weeks along but just couldn't wait any longer to see the baby! The office was lovely and the viewing room was amazing, the screen is huge! I wish I would've gotten the woman who did our ultrasounds name, she was very nice and did an excellent job. She confirmed that we are indeed having a baby boy. We will definitely be back when he grows a little bigger!

L. Givens

Best $65 spent ever to find out my babies gender. The tech was awesome and fun to work with & the ultrasound room is big and comfy. I plan to go back for 4d’s in the future.

J. Boyd

It was a great experience! Plenty of room for us and our 3 other kids in the ultrasound room. The tech even gave our kids each a big sister/big brother bracelet, and each of them got their own ultrasound picture to take to school and show their classes. I would highly recommend this place!!

K. Kocourek