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The memory of that poignant instant when we glimpsed our first child through the lens of a 4D ultrasound is forever etched in our hearts. Our affection for our baby boy ignited instantly, an emotion as profound as it was swift. Witnessing how technology could forge such a profound connection left me astounded, and it was at that precise moment that I realized my destined path was in the realm of ultrasound.

Following the birth of my son, I underwent a shift from my pre-medical pursuits to pursuing a career as a registered OBGYN ultrasound technician. The transition was driven by a desire to facilitate those precious bonding instances for families, much like the one I cherished. Assisting in creating these intimate connections has become my passion, and I wholeheartedly revel in the role I play in these meaningful moments.

Driven by our shared passion for ultrasounds, my husband and I joined forces to establish Love My Baby Bump Studio in 2007 and later, Nashville 4D Baby Studio in 2013. Our objective was to cultivate an inviting sanctuary, one that offered ample space for families to gather and partake in the enchantment of their ultrasound journey with their entire kin.

Recalling our own 4D ultrasound encounters with our firstborn, my husband and I found ourselves in a clinical and compact setting. Although the experience was positive, we harbored a vision of crafting a warmer and more embracing atmosphere – one where families could truly unwind and savor the moments that unfold during this experience. This aspiration propelled us forward, motivating the creation of studios where families could celebrate the miracle of life in a serene and inviting environment.

Since inaugurating our establishment in 2007, we've expanded our own family to include three boys, totaling five members, all the while conducting ultrasound scans for over 30,000 babies. Over the course of these years, we've taken immense pleasure in welcoming every single family that has chosen to step into our space.

You can rest at ease knowing that our office is not only compliant but works above the required standard of care. I have been diligent to attend many ultrasound conferences and courses to ensure that we are up to date on the most current safety practices and technology. With us, you and your baby will be safe and receive the best care possible.

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